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Dwayne DeSylvia

Transforming Technology into Unique Business Value for Customers, Author of 3D Presales
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Denver, Colorado
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George Dec 09, 2021 408 views

What would have been a really useful piece of advice to have when you first started welding

I'd like to get started on welding as a career. #welding

edward’s Avatar
edward Dec 19, 2018 866 views

2. What was the hardest training session youve ever had

#alevatortechnician #career-details #professional

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Sep 01, 2017 1491 views

How can I better myself as a person daily?

I want to become the best possible person I can become. #Greatness #personal-development #professional-development

Rohit’s Avatar
Rohit May 24, 2016 991 views

Given the recent rise of SaaS and the gig economy, has entrepreneurship become more ubiquitous? Can uberification benefit all industries, or only a select few?

I've done some preliminary research on the on-demand economy and its risings in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I want to learn more about its global effects. #technology #entrepreneurship #information-technology #startups #artificial-intelligence #saas

Nazib’s Avatar
Nazib Oct 02, 2017 917 views

Why do some people who have zero or some experience in programming attempt to get programming jobs?

I understand software engineers get paid around $60,000(or around that cost) in annual salary. But why?

#technology #software-engineering #programming

Madeleine’s Avatar
Madeleine Aug 31, 2017 806 views

HELP!!! How do I stay focused in a class that I am not interested in?

I have to take generals that I am not interested in at all. I want to get a good grade and I do want to learn something new. I just can't get the motivation to stay focus during the class. #focus #boringclass #interested #personal-development