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HELP!!! How do I stay focused in a class that I am not interested in?

I have to take generals that I am not interested in at all. I want to get a good grade and I do want to learn something new. I just can't get the motivation to stay focus during the class. #focus #boringclass #interested #personal-development

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3 answers

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Dwayne’s Answer

Great question! I've been in the software field for >25 years and know that there will always be topics throughout college and your career that are uninteresting, but important to your bigger goals. I've crafted a few ways to drive interest where I'd otherwise have little or no interest:

- Relate it to my life: No matter the topic, I found that I could relate any topic to my personal life *somehow*. Example - as an engineer, English was not of much interest. However, I realized that if I could improve in this area, it would greatly improve my ability to write a resume or deliver a presentation. That was very important to me in order to get a job, so it changed the purpose of the course to something personal.

- Individual goal: Sometimes I would make personal goals that once I accomplished XYZ in a topic/course, I would give myself a personal reward like buying a computer game. This allowed me to keep thinking about what I would obtain if I got through a certain set of tasks (eg writing a paper).

- Gamify it: Many people thrive on competition. Setup a competition with other classmates such as who obtains the best score on the next test, the winner gets bought dinner or something by the others.

- Brute force: Yup, sometimes all you can do is pound through it. But the other options are more fun!

Hang in there!

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Katya’s Answer

Hi Madeleine, staying focus in class especially the ones that you are not interested could be challenging but you need find thE purpose for yourself first.

For example, you need to keep your mind focus on the fact that understand the general class will be the core in the future classes that you will take going forward. Once you will know that without this general information it will be much more difficult to understand the future material- you mind will find the motivation.

Second, find a partner in class- perhaps the class will require group projects or just having a buddy-who can explain the material after the class I found it more easier to comprehend and find its interest. Once you have someone to connect with in the class- you will automatically look forward going to the class because you will simple look forward meeting your friend and connecting.

Browse through the material- perhaps you will find an interesting topic and you will look forward to the lecture. Not all material in the class necessary is interested;however, understanding general methods will guide you and make it easier for you going forward.

Just think about- there is a reason for the prerequisites-without the basics we can’t move forward-it’s kind of the principal in life.

Motivation is something- we tend to find ourselves- you have to know your goals, your dreams—stay focus, take breaks, find peers, have a discussion with your professor- maybe he can uncover another way to keep you engaged- use all resources- don’t be silent.

Good luck

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Dominic’s Answer

Staying focused in "boring" subject matter can be challenging. When confronted with this, I typically will try and find connective tissues back to subject matter I'm interested in. For example, how can financial modeling be used to predict baseball player performance? Or how does learning about the East India Company's rise in the 1600's relate to modern day economics?

There are always lessons. Just need to search for them!