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Alexis A. Feb 04 115 views

What kind of training or education is needed for the Commercial Diving field?

I am studying for welding and getting my certificates in David L. Job Corps, and looking forward in knowing more about the field. #welding #interested...


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paola B. Nov 08, 2019 83 views

what is a cloud engineer ?

i want to know what a cloud engineer does , because I've never heard of it before and I'm interested. #cloud-engineer #help...


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Alexis M. Sep 15, 2019 118 views
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Zitlali G. Jan 23, 2018 370 views

What is so important about radiology?

Hello! my name is Zitlali and my friend is #interested in #radiology she says that what she has seen online or read is boring I want to prove her...

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Kendall H. Jan 19, 2018 229 views

While in college, can you ask questions in class if there is a larger group setting?

I’m entering college next year and I wanted to know if that was possible or not....


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Ludmilla S. Jan 18, 2018 308 views

How to gain connections to those with similar interest as you?

I would like to interact with many more people in my future major(through internships . workshops, or jobs) but I don't know how and I fear that it may be too late. #interested #internships #connections...


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Madeleine H. Aug 31, 2017 339 views

HELP!!! How do I stay focused in a class that I am not interested in?

I have to take generals that I am not interested in at all. I want to get a good grade and I do want to learn something new. I just can't get the motivation to stay focus during the class. #focus #boringclass #interested...