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While in college, can you ask questions in class if there is a larger group setting?

I’m entering college next year and I wanted to know if that was possible or not.

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1 answer

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Stacy’s Answer

Hi Kendall,

Yes, you can absolutely ask questions in class even if it's a large group. Don't let the size of your class deter you from posing questions. Some college courses offer a lecture for the full group followed by separate breakout sections composed of smaller discussion sections. This offers an additional forum for you to ask questions. Another way to get your questions answered is to stop by during your professor's office hours. This is an ideal way to get to know your professor better. Depending on your college/university, your courses may also be supported by Teaching Assistants. These tend to be either advanced undergraduates or graduate students. They too may offer office hours which you can take advantage of to ask additional questions. Hope this helps! I'm happy to answer additional questions.