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Stacy L. Peazant

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Delaney Apr 26, 2018 697 views

When planning on what to do in college, should I continue all my hobbies from high school?

I am in choir, orchestra, Model United Nations, student government, theatre, and more, but I am not sure whether I should continue all these things in college. What should I continue and what should I quit? #college-advice #highschool

Shannon’s Avatar
Shannon Jan 17, 2018 1197 views

What is the best way to find a roomate your freshman year?

Many people pick roommates from Facebook and I am not sure if this a good method or not.
#college #housing #student-housing #dorm #college-advice #roommates

Amber’s Avatar
Amber Jan 18, 2018 712 views

How do you network throughout college with people that can help you obtain a job after graduation?

Specifically if you are studying a health science related field, as I plan to study pharmacy.
#pharmacy #pharmacist #networking #job #career #college-advice

Mariam’s Avatar
Mariam Jan 16, 2018 1065 views

How important are extracurriculars to grad school?

In high school, extracurricular clubs and activities are a big part of college applications. When applying for grad school, is this the same way? Or do grad schools just look for consistently high grades? #grades #extracurriculars #grad #graduate-school ##gradschool #graduateschool...

Kendall’s Avatar
Kendall Jan 19, 2018 538 views

While in college, can you ask questions in class if there is a larger group setting?

I’m entering college next year and I wanted to know if that was possible or not.