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How do you network throughout college with people that can help you obtain a job after graduation?

Specifically if you are studying a health science related field, as I plan to study pharmacy.
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4 answers

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Adrienne’s Answer

I would recommend networking with your professors and other students in your college classes. Professors may know of some people or opportunities that can help get you a job and other students may have contacts as well that can help. You can also start a linkedin page to network with recruiters that hire in your field. Your college should also have different career fairs or networking events where you can meet people in your field. When meeting people in person always get their card/linkedin information so that you can follow up with them.

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Richard’s Answer

Join social organizations like a sorority.
Join pre-professional organizations.
Try to get summer internships.

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Rachel’s Answer

Go to office hours. If you are in science classes related to your major, meet the professor. Ask for a letter of recommendation, participate in research with him/her, or set up a meeting to talk about your plans. These mentors can really help you.

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Stacy’s Answer

Hi Amber,

If you're able, seek out internship opportunities. Sometimes faculty members can pass along internship information, your college's Career Services Office can assist, another possibility is to review the websites of companies you're curious about. They sometimes post internship offerings on their career opportunities webpage. If your schedule allows, you can pursue internships during the academic year (sometimes for course credit) as well as during the summer. This is a great way to gain insights into a company / organization. It also provides you with a chance to develop and expand your professional network. Internships can sometimes lead to permanent, full-time career opportunities.

A second professional network to tap includes your college Alumni Association. See if you can volunteer some time with this office/association. They sometimes sponsor gatherings with currently enrolled students. This is yet another way to develop your professional networking skills.

Finally, some college Career Services Offices have a listing of alumni who students can contact for career / professional advice. For example, you may find an alum who works in a profession or for a company that you're interested in. It's an ideal way to gather "insider" information. If you continue to nurture the relationship, you may become privy to internship and/or professional positions.

Hope this helps!