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what is a cloud engineer ?

i want to know what a cloud engineer does , because I've never heard of it before and I'm interested. #cloud-engineer #help #interested

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4 answers

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Peter’s Answer

Sometimes, people talk about "cloud computing" when they really just mean operating a large computing system that serves many different users. If you still need to understand programming, network operations, information security and other complex subjects, that's what some of us would call an "infrastructure cloud" – and the skills to work in that field are pretty obvious and easy to find opportunities to learn. You'd want to learn the programming languages that are used to manage large systems, some of which are called "scripting languages" because they write scripts to automate procedures. That's an IT career path.

The next level up is running an "enterprise cloud" that provides business capabilities, like customer relationship management and customer service operations, as a subscription service to companies that want to do those things without having their own data centers and having a smaller IT staff. Doing this means you're at least as much of an expert in sales technique, or customer service practices, or some other area of business operations in addition to having a higher-level knowledge of working on a computer platform – but you would not be spending as much time working with hardware. This career path can lead to sales or business strategy roles, since companies that do this are mainly in the business of creating new features for their users and selling more subscriptions. It's much more of a people-oriented career path.
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J’s Answer

The term 'Cloud Engineer' could be used to describe multiple job roles. In general, a Cloud Engineer generally relates to job titles such as:

* Systems engineer
* Network engineer
* Database administrator
* System reliability engineer

Some general job duties might be:

* Developing, maintaining and supporting technical infrastructure, hardware and system software components
* Performing installation, maintenance and support of system software and hardware and user support
* Configuring, debugging and supporting multiple infrastructure platforms
* Performing high-level root-cause analysis for service interruption recovery and creating preventive measures
* Engineering enterprise data, voice and video networks
* Establishing and operating network test facilities
* Maintaining a secure transfer of data to multiple locations via internal and external networks
* Working with vendors, clients, carriers and technical staff on network implementation, optimization and ongoing management
* Providing high-level support and technical expertise in networking technology
* Managing, monitoring and maintaining company databases
* Making requested changes, updates and modifications to database structure and data
* Ensuring database integrity, stability and system availability
* Maintaining database backup and recovery infrastructure


In my experience, having a well-rounded background in various technologies will help you be most successful.

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Gene’s Answer

A cloud engineer is someone who keeps the internet running. The website you're using right now is a complex web of storage, computing, and memory systems, as well as security features and very clever ways of making sure that it stays up even if something goes wrong. The cloud is just "someone else's computer" and right now my words are being copied into locations all over the world so that no matter where someone lives, these words will appear instantly on their screen so that they don't have to wait for them to travel halfway around the world. A cloud engineer came up with that. Also, if 5000 people all at once login to look at my answer, you'll still be connected and the website won't drop you. A cloud engineer came up with that, too. What happens if an earthquake destroys the server this website is hosted on? Nothing, because it's already been cloned to a new server somewhere else. It won't even blink. All of that is the cloud and cloud engineers are the ones who come up with it and make sure it's working right.
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Jamie’s Answer

Cloud engineers are professionals who are responsible for assessing a business's infrastructure and migrating different functions to a cloud-based system.

Cloud engineers are in high demand, as more companies move critical business processes and applications to public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures.