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Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Houston, Texas
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dalton Apr 16, 2018 705 views

if im late to a interview would i be taken off the list right away? what happens?


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Eduardo Sep 01, 2017 1486 views

How can I better myself as a person daily?

I want to become the best possible person I can become. #Greatness #personal-development #professional-development

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Abner Mar 04, 2019 886 views

So what is a typical day like for you?

Are you hard worker?
Do you do any extracurricular activities?
Any useful hobbies or skills you might have or partake in?
Are you ok with waking up early or staying late?

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Jennifer Jul 22, 2019 697 views

Do you have to pay for food at your job, or do you get it for free?

#management #marketing #law #human-resources #management

Admin note - The CV Staff made edits to the question for clarity. Original question - "if you have to pay for the food or you get it for free"