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If I still need more money to pay for college what are some other options I can use?

I have factored in my scholarship and my financial aid money but I am still in need of more funds. Is there private loans that I can get and if I can, will they be deferred until I finish my degree? #finance #money #scholarships #loans #financial #tuition

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3 answers

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Donald’s Answer

There are private loans but I suggest you look for more scholarships. I serve on the board of junior achievement and we give three $5000 scholarships a year. My brother received a scholarship reserved for a student from Salem Virginia going to VMI and majoring in electrical engr. Look at your local key club, rotary, Kiwanis clubs, chamber of commerce, business where your parents or relatives work.

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Luiz’s Answer

Hello, Alec
Yes there are private funds with several interest rates.
From my search I learned that there is a site, whose name is below, which shows different taxes for loans
By accessing internet at 09/19/2020 I investigated the site below, which shows several kind of lenders and their rates. I think it would be useful do access

Good Luck!

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Alec!

Here are some hints: