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How do you apply a scholarship?

I got a scholarship through my high school and received a check during my awards night. The check is applied to me and my college. So I was wondering if I was suppose to put the check in my bank then turn the money over to my college or if I am suppose to mail the check to them. #finance #scholarships #financial

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2 answers

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Rita’s Answer

If the check is payable to you and the college then you will both need to endorse it in order to deposit it. The best way to find out is to contact your college and ask them what the process is.

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Annie’s Answer

Hi April!

I just came across your question, but I see it's dated May 14.

First - congratulations on your scholarship award! :)

Second - If you haven't already figured out the answer about how to cash your check, I would suggest you ask your college's financial aid office. They should have a website if you Google "your college name" + "financial aid office". Find their email or their phone number, and ask them how to best use the funds. They might tell you to cash the check yourself and use the money to buy books and other items you'll need for college. Or they might ask you to turn the money over to them for them to apply to your tuition. If they want you to turn the money over to them - I'm sure you'll already remember to do this (but just a suggestion in case!) make sure to follow-up and make sure the funds actually got applied to your tuition. Sometimes things don't get processed, so it's up to you check :)

Have a great time at college!