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Verginie Keshishian

Accounts Receivable Associate
Accounting and Finance
Beirut, Beirut Governorate, Lebanon
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Brianna Aug 23, 2018 539 views

How to lower tuition?

I would like to learn about ways to lower tuition cost such as reliable scholarship websites. #scholarships #finance #financial-aid #scholarship

junhua’s Avatar
junhua Sep 17, 2021 280 views

Is it hard to have a career?

I'm thinking of having career, is it hard? #career

Shengyang’s Avatar
Shengyang Sep 16, 2021 199 views

How can I success

What is success means for yall?#career

Hayden’s Avatar
Hayden Sep 17, 2021 238 views

What keeps you motivated to work?

I'm interested in going into the nursing field. #nursing #nurse

Nestor’s Avatar
Nestor Sep 18, 2021 418 views

What can I include in my CV if I have no experience

#resume #first-job

April’s Avatar
April May 14, 2016 980 views

How do you apply a scholarship?

I got a scholarship through my high school and received a check during my awards night. The check is applied to me and my college. So I was wondering if I was suppose to put the check in my bank then turn the money over to my college or if I am suppose to mail the check to them. #finance...

Marie’s Avatar
Marie Oct 23, 2020 364 views

how much money do RN's make?

#RN #money-management #career