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How to lower tuition?

I would like to learn about ways to lower tuition cost such as reliable scholarship websites. #scholarships #finance #financial-aid #scholarship

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2 answers

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Margaret’s Answer

When looking for scholarship opportunities, it's easy to run into ones that are scams on big websites. I suggest looking into local scholarships from reputable organizations in your community.

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Taj’s Answer

Hi Brianna,

Check out these free websites to get started: Scholarships.com, Fastweb.com and Chegg.com/scholarships. If you are still in high school, make sure you visit the counselors' office to see what local scholarships and grants may be available as well. Good luck!

Taj recommends the following next steps:

Visit each of the named scholarship websites to get a feel for each one.
Create an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the scholarships you applied for, their names, any deadlines, and link to the scholarship page.