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Kiara S. May 28, 2018 346 views

Can I ask for more financial aid?

I received no financial aid due to my mother's income, but I live in a boom-and-bust economy so the income on the 2017 tax report is over $30,000 over her income this year. Can I challenge the financial aid judgement to earn more $$$ #financial-aid #money #finance #scholarships #fafsa...

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Angel P. Aug 11, 2018 172 views

How do i increase my financial aid in the second year of college?

Im not getting enough in financial aid.. how do i increase this #financial aid...


Ajani B.’s Avatar
Ajani B. Aug 13, 2018 228 views

How do I manage money to pay off student debt?

The particular school I am going to has a very steep tuition. How can I make sure that I am not submerged in debt? #money #debt #scholarships #scholarship...


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Alexander B. Aug 16, 2018 144 views
Anneliese F.’s Avatar
Anneliese F. Aug 18, 2018 136 views

What is the best way to go about finding scholarships?

I don't think I'm going to qualify for much financial aid, but there is also absolutely no way I have enough saved to go to my dream colleges, which are out of town....


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Autumn H. Aug 18, 2018 226 views

How do I ease my inevitable college debt?

I need financial aid and even with aid I will be in debt which may concern my future career choices. #finance #debt...


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Brianna J. Aug 23, 2018 226 views

How to lower tuition?

I would like to learn about ways to lower tuition cost such as reliable scholarship websites. #scholarships #finance #financial-aid...