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How can I pay tution witout federal aid

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2 answers

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Taj’s Answer

Hi Alexander,

There are several ways to pay without federal aid:

1) Private loans (if qualified)

2) College Savings Plan if one was set up

3) Funding from outside scholarships or grants - such as through church, foundations, state, etc.

4) A job through the college or university - but not federal work-study since federal work study funds are considered federal aid.

5) Non-federal work study jobs. Yes, your school probably offers these types of jobs that students can work in and get paid as a student-employee.

6) Out of pocket, of course.

Hope this helps!

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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Alexander:

Of course, federal aid is one of the most popular ways to get financial aid but, it isn't the only way. Here's a brief list to help you with your research.

• Grants
• Foundations
• Check to see if your parent's employer offer scholarships
• Savings
• Private Loans
• Job
• Check with your local church, community, clubs and businesses in your area
• Research the field that you want to major in to see if they are offering scholarships or grants
• GoFundMe Account (Ask family and friends to support your college endeavor such as books, supplies, club fees, memberships, etc. )

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

College Board (Grants & Scholarships) • https://search.collegeboard.org/?word=grants+and+scholarships&tp=usearch&searchType=site&siteType=default
GoFundMe • https://www.gofundme.com/