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Why did you open this scholarship opportunity?

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2 answers

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Simeon’s Answer

Not clear on what you're question is, but if you're asking about why organizations offer scholarships, but they are looking for ways to give back to the future of students they believe will make a positive impact on the world. I'm not sure if they can get tax exemptions for giving out scholarships, but that is a possibility as well.
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Desiree’s Answer

It's not clear what scholarship opportunity your asking about... or what you need to know.

That said, most US high schools have some sort of guidance counselor who can help you to research and identify scholarships for which you might be eligible. I recommend you make an appointment with your guidance counselor or a trusted teacher to talk about scholarships. Some scholarships focus on people pursuing certain fields of study, who have specific interests, or who are in a certain population. Others are more contest-like and require you to do something -- e.g., write an essay or make a presentation -- and the finalist or winners get a certain scholarships. You could also consider asking about scholarships from any civic or religious organization in which you or your family may be participate.

Also, on-line research might help you find scholarships.

Lastly, if you know what colleges/universities you are considering, contact their financial aid office for further assistance.

Good luck!

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Make an appointment with your High School guidance counselor to talk about scholarships.
Research on-line what scholarships are available.
Contact the financial aid office of colleges/universities to which you are applying