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Hannah H. Mar 26, 2018 519 views

What do I base my college major on?

Should someone be choosing their major on whether they'll be making enough money in the future to financially support themselves or if it's a major that will in the end make them happy. I know the ultimate answer would be to do what makes you happy but is it possible to do that while being...

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Karen P. Aug 07, 2016 945 views

Should I choose the job I love or the job that makes me money?

Looking back at my 16 years of life, I would have never thought I would have to choose between doing what I love and making money. As a little girl, I always dreamed of being a teacher. I looked up to the agents of change at my school and appreciated all of the things they do for me and the...

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Karen P. Aug 08, 2016 1310 views

How can I pursue a career that does not assure financial stability in the future?

I want to ask this question on behalf of some of my friends who are struggling with the same situation. These particular friends are unimaginably talented in the things they like to do. For example, one may excel in art and another may be superior in music. As you and I may know, finding work...

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Teal K. Apr 29, 2014 1498 views

How strongly should the financial aspect of a career impact what I decide to study?

I have a love of theater, specifically being backstage rather than acting, but I know it is a very shaky business both in terms of job availability and financial stability. My plan for college would be to either double major in theater and a more established major, probably a physical science,...

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