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How can you Invest in money

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9 answers

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Dianne’s Answer

Hello Steven,

I found the best thing when I started to work was to invest money in a 401K or Roth IRA. If the company you start to work for has a 401K you should invest what you can afford. Typically companies will match your contributions if you contribute at least 3% of your income. Try to start with 3% at least. By the time you are old enough to retire you will have accumulated a large chunk of money to live off of after you stop working.

Kind regards,

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Mae’s Answer

It's great that you are looking into investing. If you are a young person, I would encourage you to contribute to your 401K if you have a job. If you do not have a job and you are in school you should contribute to a Roth IRA with Vanguard or Fidelity. This can help you to become an everyday millionaire if you consistently invest your money until you retire in mutual funds until you are 65 yrs old+. And when you get older you should also invest in real estate to drive extra income and something that does not depreciate. It's an investment.

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Mariah’s Answer

Hi Steven! One of the most helpful items I can suggest is opening a savings account. I personally like online savings accounts. This helped me to sit money to the side that is not easily accessible.

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Luiz’s Answer

Hi, Steven
One thing is invest in money and other is investing for example in gold.
When I searched for at investment in money, I accessed at 10/17/2020 the site www.benzinga.com, and the best idea for young people is started early for have a retirement sustainbility.
It may occurs because with $5.000 a year even with a low interest taxes after 10 years it reaches a amazing amount of thousands dollar.
Instead investing in money if you invest in gold for example in the last year the value of try ounce increased from $1.500 to $1.900 (almost 27%).
So, you must think a lot about what to do before investing.
Good Luck

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Suthida’s Answer

Hi Steven, the key is "Start early" even it is just a small saving each month. Time will allow your investment to grow. Also shop around for special promotions. Some banks do offer special interest rate or bonus if you open a new saving or checking account.

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Sendil’s Answer

Easy ways to invest without much money:
It's OK to start small.
Take advantage of your company retirement plan.
Buy fractional shares.
Use dividend investing to your advantage.
Consider a robo advisor.
Use micro-investing.
Don't forget to increase your contributions.

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Waleed’s Answer

1. Mutual Funds
2. Cryptocurrency
3. ETF's
4. Options
5. Hand-picking stocks

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Thejas’s Answer

High-yield savings accounts.
Certificates of deposit.
Money market accounts.
Treasury securities.
Government bond funds.
Short-term corporate bond funds.
S&P 500 index funds.
Dividend stock funds.

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Anitra’s Answer

Great question! I would recommend the following:
1. Start investing in yourself first.
a. Have a savings account with at least 6 months of your monthly bills set aside
b. Contribute the maximum to your 401k savings plan
c. Start a Roth savings plan
d. Purchase a home, there are several first time home buyer programs available.

2. Invest with others companies.
a. Depending of how often you watch the market there are several day trading options that allow you to invest your money and trade stocks daily
b. Rental properties

Hope this helps :-)