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Lam L. Oct 28, 2016 500 views

What are some mistakes that engineers make in their early careers?

I want to know what to look out for when I start working....


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Brian B. Oct 30, 2019 90 views

best place to work?

I'm Brian and I'm studying HVAC and want to know what are the best place to work or what...


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Jessica H. Jul 08 100 views

How do you deal with stressful work situations?

I want to know what helps you calm down during difficult situations. #career...


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JIA YI Z. Jul 18 52 views

Does TARGET SCHOOL really matter?

According to what I've heard about the recruitment process of top IBD/Consulting firms, "target school" is the very first step to help you stand out. That's to say, without a privileged bachelor background on your resumé, it would seem to be impossible for you to enter those firms no matter...


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Tanish H. Jul 30 54 views

I wanted to know which country abroad will be the cheapest to study in

I'm from India and I have just finished 12th grade. I'm looking for good UG courses, preferably CS field. #college...