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Samuel G. Oct 19, 2018 254 views

Is Having a Degree in Music Composition extremely important for Game Design?

Unfortunately, my college does not currently have a degree program for Music Composition and Production (to my knowledge) for accompanying a game design major; however, with so many online resources and possibilities for learning music, I would like to know how important it is. Also, if there...

#composer #music-production #music #musician #music-industry #indiecomposer #singer #gamedesign

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Samuel G. Oct 19, 2018 255 views

Where is the best place for an illustration/graphic art paid internship?

For a budding illustration and graphic artist, what would a good example of a paid internship that has reasonable entry? As a young multi talented artist, I have a strong passion about concept sketching and art and want to focus deeply on that aspect. I would like to be employed after college,...

#artist #paidinternship #art #graphic-design #internship #design