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What are some job options for a commerce student?

I want to know a little bit more about this. #student #finance

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5 answers

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Thomas’s Answer

As a commerce student you have an extremely broad range of options. Companies in every industry, from banking to medicine to arts, and organizations in the government, as well as not-for-profit organizations, need people with business skills. Try to think about what kind of work you would want to do or what kind of industry or company or organization you would like to work with. Consider getting some kind of professional license (like a CPA or CFA) that will set you apart from the rest. Gather as much accounting, finance, and marketing knowledge as you can. This expertise will allow you to work almost anywhere. If possible, look for internships or part-time jobs in an area that interests you, to see if that area is a good fit. The first couple of years can be hard work, so keep that in mind, and don't give up just because it's hard. But in the end, what you do with your commerce degree is only limited by the options you consider. Good luck!

Thank You!!!! Patricia I.

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Luiz’s Answer

Hi Patricia
I`ve read that students, today, are proactively opting for the commerce stream, regardless of their academic standing.
There are various streams of commerce and these acts as a gateway to some education opportunities.
In terms of education you may have a UG stands for undergraduate degree. Its usually a 3 year course.
But, turning around your question, finance needs that you to know a lot of mathematics.
Three important subjects are indispensable in order to manage well the topics of finance:
1) finance mathematics, which are the topics mathematics related to finance; it also includes probability and statistics
2) economics analises, because about 50% of knowledge to have some conclusion in business depends on economy
3) accounting knowledge because analyzing a business, needs to know a comparison between the results of the company and the results of the sector, which involves every similar enterprises together,
Good Luck!

Luiz recommends the following next steps:


Thank You!!! Patricia I.

Hey Luiz, what are some jobs commerce students can have? Gurpreet Lally

Hi, Gurpreet Everything I am writing for you I accessed in Internet (https://www.mindler.com/blog/career-options-commerce-students/) today 10/19/2020, added to my experience. So, lets go: - Career Opportunities in Economics, where people works with as an economist, statistician, strategist, risk management analyst, operations research analyst, insurance underwriter, budget analyst, etc. - Commerce, that is is an umbrella field for various commerce-related domains, such as accounting, auditing, finance, taxation, etc. - Chartered Accountancy (C.A), where you can find professional opportunities in government and private organizations, in roles such as auditing, tax consulting, corporate finance, investment banking, corporate finance, investment banking, etc. Luiz Belmiro

Thanks for responding and for adding those details!! Gurpreet Lally

You are welcome Luiz Alberto Gravina Belmiro O.

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Juan Carlos’s Answer

In a world increasingly influenced by the digitization of multiple type of processes and platforms, the concept of commerce is very broad , from new e-commerce sales to fulfilment processes and strategies, to the financial and accounting elements of payments and financial management, to the new marketing mainly defined by being digitally savvy.

Jobs connected to the new "commerce" conceptualization can be in several fronts, but each one of those introduces you to it from a different angles :
- Product management and Development/design
- Financial processes connected to clients and suppliers(payments and collections)
- Sales and marketing digital activities.

From a skills perspective , new "commerce" concepts require not only a good mix of STEM (i.e. Math / Computers), but also a very good understanding of consumer behavior, social trends and even psychology. very broad, i know , but that is also a good thing.

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Evelyn’s Answer

There are several job options for you to choose from because business commerce branches out to a lot of different paths, e.g. accounting, bookkeeping, audit, marketing, finance and even sales! Depending on where your interest is, you could start from junior roles in the field when you graduate and eventually end up getting into roles like Bank Manager, Budget Officer, Finance Manager, Corporate Controller, Procurement Officer, Audit Manager, etc. What's important is to go with your interest and where your best skills fit. :)

Thank You!! Patricia I.

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barbara’s Answer

Commerce students are well positioned, of course, to work in a company, large or smaller. However, project management, finance, organizational process and human management skills are also extremely valuable in the non-profit, government or international organization sectors. Think about what you would love to do and see how your skills would apply to organizations that work in this field. There are tons of opportunities, many of them non-traditional, for students of commerce.

barbara recommends the following next steps:

Identify fields you would like to work in.
Do some research on companies or organizations that work in this field.
Identify your top ten companies of organizations.
Look at job postings and about us sections of their websites and write a paragraph about how your skills can meet their needs.
Find people who work at these institutions or companies, through the website or your school's career service, and set up informational interviews with them so that you can ask more about what they do and assess how your skills and education could make you a good candidate at their institution.