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Richel P. Aug 03, 2018 733 views

How long will it take to pay for student loans with the salary of a dental hygienist?

Long story short, I am currently pursuing dental hygiene in a very expensive private university because the state I live in does not offer many options for me to pursue this degree. One school has a lot of pre-requisites that I did not take when I first went to college and the other has a...

#studentloans #dental #dental-hygienist

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Dametreius C. Aug 27, 2018 267 views

Diversity in program

Are the counselors on here very diverse and do they try to help every person? #counselor...


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Patricia I. Sep 18, 2020 194 views

What are some job options for a commerce student?

I want to know a little bit more about this. #student...


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tytiania S. Sep 27, 2020 162 views