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Boston, Massachusetts
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I aim, as a college graduate with a degree in psychology, to work in an industry that focuses on mental health and/or therapy

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lily Feb 25, 2021 502 views

will there be internships in colleges?

I will start going to internships in junior year of high school, but I'm curious if there will be any more internships in college. #internships

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lily Feb 25, 2021 461 views

when majoring in business, what are some things that I need to focus on in that major?

business is one of the subjects I want to major, but I don't know what to focus on for that major #major #business

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lily Feb 25, 2021 939 views

What are some colleges that is good for anyone who wants to major in psychology?

I am a sophomore in high-school that wants to major in psychology, but I don't know what college to go to for that major. #major