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What's it like being a real estate agent?

What's an average day like? What's the average pay and hours of a real estate agent? Do you enjoy your job?
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6 answers

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Jasmine’s Answer

I know and work with a fair number of real estate agents - both on the residential and commercial side. How much money you make is a function of how hard you work/how much hustle you do. Be prepared to network, think creatively and expect that a lead today could be closed sale tomorrow. In the real estate world, where it be homes in a local neighborhood or office/store/industrial space in a small town or big city, there is someone looking to rent or buy and there are owners looking to sell and lease out. You're offering to solve their issue - finding the right place at the right price. The downside can be timing, can be fewer buyers than what's on the market hence affecting the 'stability' of your income. The upside is, if you work hard, network and are not afraid, you could make decent money with the work flexibility.

Your average could range from finding leads, to checking out the real estate, showing the real estate, closing, inspecting real estate w/ the buyer, and dealing w/ the title companies, inspectors and contractors (to help your buyer). You are your own boss in a way.

Jasmine recommends the following next steps:

I would suggest you find a local real estate agent in town for a chat to get a real in person understanding.

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Marcus’s Answer

Great question!!! I work for Verizon but I am also a Realtor (real estate agent). Your day to day task will consist of making several calls to potential customers/ clients. Your main task as a realtor is to market yourself and your company brand. You will be marketing via the internet, flyers, calls, word of mouth, and referrals from other clients. When you obtain customers and potential clients, you will be able to assist them with selling and buying property. You will learn the specifics about real estate in your pre-licensing class. After that, you will learn the specifics of what you do as a realtor on a day to day basis, through on the job training once you join a real estate firm. As far as hours and pay are concerned it’s usually all commission, meaning you get out what you put in. You could potentially work more than a normal 40hr work week. The pay as I said is commission, so it will be a negotiated percentage of the price of the property sold.

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Antonio’s Answer

Hello Christian
Real Estate sales people will need to work with a Broker, and I say With because you are not an employee, more like a contractor and your license will be affiliated with that broker. With that said you will need to find a Broker that fits your lifestyle and fit in with their team if they have one.
a lot of people say it can give you a lot of freedom and that will be true once you have a solid pipeline and years worth of repeat clients in a very competitive environment,
The first months or years should be focused on perfecting your craft, learn how to ask the right questions, experience the multiple ways to generate leads and find the ones that work best for you.
You will also learn how to be organized since hopefully you will have a large book of business and you do not want to miss any important meetings or due dates related to Real estate, like how many days does your client have to complete funding or in a seller situation to complete repairs before closing etc.
If you are outgoing and an extrovert it will be fun since you really have to network and constantly meet new people, if you are more of an introvert you might still find enjoyment since having a license opens different doors for employment too.
If you are still in school try to find a job in a realtor association to learn more!

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Steve’s Answer

It can be a lonely job, especially when you first get started. You are starting from scratch and it takes time to build up a client base to even get to a place where you may be able to list a home or enroll a client to start house-hunting. Be sure to follow all the real estate rules in your state and adhere to all policies of your local real estate MLS/organization. Then let everyone (you know) know you are open for business.

Once you sell your first home or help a client buy their home, it's a great feeling to know that you have helped them - and you get paid your derived commission at (or after closing). Always give your best service to your clients-they can be repeat customers and help you find new clients by word of mouth.

Enjoy the real estate journey!

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Sergey A.’s Answer

I have met a few people who work in the field. It includes a lot of hustling, moving from place to place, human interaction, as well as paperwork.

The advantages seem to be

  • you can make decent money without years of formal schooling
  • a large degree of independence
  • your social skills will improve quickly, which can be later helpful with other careers
  • you will acquire an intimate knowledge of a large and well-established industry that again can help you if e.g. you decide to become an entrepreneur, as you will know firsthand many needs and inefficiencies

The disadvantages seem to be

  • you can make no money, or struggle greatly and put in insane hours to barely make the minimum wage
  • you have to motivate yourself and constantly learn and improve your own efficiency, if you are to become successful
  • despite being independent, you will often have to cancel your other commitments to show an apartment or go sign paperwork, if you want to be truly successful
  • aside from getting better, there is limited opportunity for career progression.
  • as you get older, you may want something less stressful and more sustainable, particularly if you decide to start a family.

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stefan’s Answer

Hi Christian,
Real estate agents are usually "independent contractors" (like being your own boss) and are sales people. As an agent, you are trying to get someone to buy or rent. The hours you work depend on how much you want to work. It could also depend on the season or market conditions. A busy season may be when college students looking for an apartment before the start of a new school year. You could be working long hours some days and none on others. Your pay depends on how many deals (leases or sales) you complete. You could be working long hours and still not close many deals. If so, you wont get paid very much. It can be enjoyable if you like working with people and helping them find the right house or apartment. Real estate agents that have worked for many years often become investors, buying properties for themselves to develop, rent, and/or sell.