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Career Questions tagged Orchestral Music

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Aug 17, 2018 409 views

How do I find out about apprenticeships and other ways to get practical experience during college?

#music #orchestral-music #music-performance

Lorenzo’s Avatar
Lorenzo Sep 01, 2017 353 views

Which classes in college would be best for performing music?

I've been in orchestra for almost 6 years, and I know that i want this to be a career choice of mine. I just need assistance for completing my future career. Thank you.
#orchestra #orchestral-music

Juliana’s Avatar
Juliana Jun 14, 2016 866 views

What is your advice on getting into a professional orchestra in the US or Europe?

Hi! I'm a high school cellist and my dream job would be to play in a professional orchestra, but I know how competitive the audition process is. Do any successful musicians have any advice to make my chance of achieving this dream as high as possible? #music #music-performance #orchestral-music

Juliana’s Avatar
Juliana Jun 14, 2016 2361 views

What are some good universities for a cello performance major?

Hi, I'm in high school and I would like to major in cello performance in college and eventually make a career out of music. Does anyone know any schools that are especially good for this?
Thanks! #education #music #music-performance #orchestral-music #playing-cello

Gwen ’s Avatar
Gwen May 24, 2016 640 views

What do orchestral conductors look for in a musician?

I play the flute, and know that it is a competitive world out there for us flautists. How can I stand above the rest, besides my playing skills? Should I learn to play the piccolo just as well as the flute for better chances? #orchestral-music #classical-music #orchestra #flute

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren May 19, 2016 831 views

How do you go about finding gigs as a classical percussionist?

Performance BM #music #musician #orchestral-music #classical-music #marimba #percussion #xylophone

Charlotte’s Avatar
Charlotte May 18, 2016 1071 views

When playing in an orchestra at a high level of experience, say The Juilliard School sort of experience, are there times where the players would need to memorize songs/ play without a conductor?

I am going to try to get into The Juilliard school and if I do happen to get in, I am wondering what I might expect at that level of playing. Not just from that school but also from other orchestras that play at that level. #music #orchestral-music

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa May 14, 2016 4278 views

Is it possible to mix music and physics in your career?

I have a real passion for physics and music (notably theoretical and orchestra, respectively). I'm curious for what jobs mix the two. #music #physics #occupation #theoretical #orchestral-music #orchestra