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Career Questions tagged Recreation

Tamara’s Avatar
Tamara Nov 17, 2022 198 views

What do you do as a recreation therapist? Is finding a job after college in this field difficult to break into?

Interest in recreation therapy & occupational therapy
Working with children

Mauricio’s Avatar
Mauricio Aug 16, 2018 748 views

How do you handle homework and recreational activities?

Whenever you are enrolled in an academically intensive major, you get assigned a lot of homework and reading assignments. My questions revolves around the idea of how exactly do you find the time for your personal engagements and do well in your courses without sacrificing all of your time to...

Jessie’s Avatar
Jessie May 20, 2016 898 views

What are some options for work as a Recreation Therapist?

This is my major and I'm interested in seeing where people work in this field! #therapy #recreation #therapeutic-recreation #physical-therapy #science #career #career-counseling #athletics

Samuel.kendall’s Avatar
Samuel.kendall Oct 29, 2015 1676 views

what's the best college for interior design?

hi my name is Samuel and I'm in 6th grade and I'm getting started in interior design by making a path. and my question is what is the best college for interior design.? #design #arts #interior-design #furniture #recreation