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How can I deal with an annoying dormmate?

Updated Rochester, New York

I'm afraid I'll be matched with someone really annoying in college. Will there be opportunity to switch rooms? What other ways could I manage this situation?

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3 answers

Ashley’s Answer

Updated Irving, Texas
First, I want to put you at ease that the opposite can happen. My dormmate that I was paired with my freshman year of college turned into one of my very best friends. Second, we lived with another girl during our sophomore year; a good friend of ours that lived next to us the previous year. To us, she was the annoying dormmate that you are mentioning and we already knew her! Sometimes it takes living with someone to learn their annoying habits. We could have swapped if someone else agreed to swap with us. Instead we tried to talk to her about it. When it did not get better, my other dormmate and I strategized how we could avoid the annoying habits. For instance, we agreed that the habits were most annoying when we were trying to study so we studied elsewhere.

Lori’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas
I will echo Nicholas’s comment above! Sometimes it can help to view an annoying dormmate like a practice run for the workplace. Someday you’ll end up with a coworker that drives you a bit crazy, but you’ll still need to work with them. For a dormmate, your best bet is to work on open communication and try to have open dialogue with them - like setting some key guidelines about quiet hours or whether you can have friends over, etc. They won’t know if they are driving you nuts if you don’t at least try to talk to them about it first. Plus it’s common courtesy and I would imagine you would want the same in return - you never know if you’re the annoying roommate because you have some quirky habits. I think for most people it’s a big growth opportunity because they have never lived with anyone other than family before and we all get pretty comfortable in our routines and habits. With any conflict management, it’s always a great idea to assume good intent as well. If they’re doing something you don’t understand - ask! #dorm #conflict-resolution

Serge V.’s Answer

Updated Linden, New Jersey

Hi Abby,

I'm sorry I can't give you advice on this post because I never lived with a person while I was in college. If I was in your position, I would agree on certain standards when you first move in. That's the best advice I can give you.