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Lori Brown

Facilities Integrity Engineer at ExxonMobil
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Houston, Texas
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Kaven’s Avatar
Kaven May 23, 2018 606 views

How did you manage to work at a job and attend college? What hardships did you face?

I am considering working while in college due to my financial situation, and I would like to hear your experience juggling a job and college. Bonus points if you are/were also a computer science major, since that is my major as well. #jobs #job #college #hardship

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Oct 25, 2016 2606 views

How many Physics courses do you need to major in engineering?

Engineering is a major I'm interested in, however, I don't enjoy physics. I want to know if I should avoid majoring in engineering because of this dislike, or if I just have to get through a few physics courses in order to still be an engineer. #engineering

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Apr 17, 2018 903 views

Is the gender imbalance in stem related majors a problem or is it decreasing now a days?

I plan on majoring in a stem field and want to be prepared for what my classes will look like. #stem #women-in-stem

Giselle’s Avatar
Giselle Apr 23, 2018 4396 views

Will getting a job affect my chances for scholarships at college?

I’m really young and will be going to high school soon, but my family needs the money for the future. I’ve heard about a possibility that if you work while in high school, you won’t get a scholarship for the money. I was wondering if this was true. #scholarship #highschool #college...

M’s Avatar
M Apr 28, 2018 1116 views

Are there scholarships that cover living expenses?

Now that I'll be attending college full time, it means I'll have to work part time to cover my living expenses. However, I foresee having miscellaneous expenses at school such as materials, books, etc. #college #scholarships

gianncarlo`’s Avatar
gianncarlo` Jan 19, 2018 598 views

What would be the ideal Engineering field to pursuit ?

Well my goal in life is to be a part of this world as in knowing that I have helped create something in the everyone uses on a daily basis.

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jan 26, 2018 872 views

. As I am only in 10th grade, what courses should i take in high school if I am looking to go into nuclear engineering.

#engineering #nuclear-engineering

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 26, 2016 704 views

Is being good at physics directly correlated to being a good engineer?

I am a college student studying aerospace engineering. I have taken three college physics courses (mechanics, waves, electricity/magnetism) and have gotten a C, B-, and C+ respectively. I have studied extremely hard for these classes, but I think my underlying downfall was my lack of thorough...

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Jan 16, 2018 593 views

What's the best way to survive culture shock in college?

I'm going to college across the country and I'm worried about living somewhere new. I've lived in the same town all of my life and I don't want it to be too hard to adjust to a different culture and atmosphere. How can I avoid being overwhelmed? #culture-shock #college

DaQuana’s Avatar
DaQuana May 19, 2016 1860 views

I am a Mechanical Engineering major, however I've always wanted to major in aerospace engineering, with a degree as versatile as mechanical engineering will I be able to do something in the aerospace industry?

I attend the University of North Texas and I hope that I will be able to use my degree to pursue my dream. #engineering

Kathy’s Avatar
Kathy Oct 19, 2016 1057 views

What university would be a great option to pursue an engineering career?

Context: I would like to go be a chemical engineer. However, my decision isn't final, I would still would like a career in engineering.
In final, I would like suggestions in great and affordable universities. #chemical-engineering

Emilee’s Avatar
Emilee Jan 23, 2018 1458 views

Beyond maintaining good grades and high work quality, how can I stand out to future employers while in college?

I’m a senior going into either chemical engineering or materials science and a hope to work my way up to a degree in nanotechnology. My ideal career field is going to de extremely competitive, and I want to do everything I can to secure a career that I’ll enjoy. #stem #material-science...

Kendralyn’s Avatar
Kendralyn Oct 27, 2016 835 views

Why is it hard to find an affordable college or university that offers an undergraduate astrophysics program?

I'm a senior in high school who wants to major in astrophysics and work in that field. The only colleges/universities that I can find that offer Astrophysics are really really expensive and I don't want to pay off loans for the rest of my life. #stem #women-in-stem #astrophysics

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Apr 25, 2016 1061 views

How can I find out more about colleges offering engineering?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career. #engineering

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby Nov 23, 2017 959 views

How can I deal with an annoying dormmate?

I'm afraid I'll be matched with someone really annoying in college. Will there be opportunity to switch rooms? What other ways could I manage this situation?

#college #relationships #college-bound ##college