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Allison Oct 25, 2016 1493 views

What jobs, besides teaching, can Math majors get?

I love mathematics, but the high school teaching salary has me wary of that job. Are there other jobs, besides accountants, that math majors are qualified for? #mathematics #math #mathematics-education #financial-planning

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Allison Oct 25, 2016 738 views

Does the expense of your undergraduate college affect your ability to perform well in graduate school and your field?

I'm trying to decide between public and private colleges, and I would like to know if the "really good" schools (and all of their costs and debt) are actually necessary to my success. I'm a good student, so I could get into most colleges, but I don't know if spending tens of thousands of...

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Allison Oct 25, 2016 2659 views

How many Physics courses do you need to major in engineering?

Engineering is a major I'm interested in, however, I don't enjoy physics. I want to know if I should avoid majoring in engineering because of this dislike, or if I just have to get through a few physics courses in order to still be an engineer. #engineering