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What are the different types of ships i work on if i become a shipping engineer?

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I am currently in job corps and thinking about training to be a shipping engineer, but i have no clue what that entails and what type of ships i could work on. Do i need a better education/ degree to work on cruise ship sand yachts or would it be the same education level as working on a cargo ship? #engineering #engineer #career

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Omar’s Answer


Ships engineers are in charge of crews who maintain and repair technical equipment such as ship engines, pumps, electrical wiring, communication systems and refrigeration equipment. These individuals also have the task of creating comprehensive reports about the ship's current technical status, and requesting any necessary repairs in nearby ports.

However, sometimes a ship's technical crew may not have the "luxury" to wait until the vessel reaches a port, and it has to perform emergency repairs on the spot to ensure decent ship operation. Ship engineers also act as liaisons between the ship's command and its captain and technical crews. While people on the deck are usually responsible for navigation, cargo safety, legal issues and communication with port authorities, ship engineers and their crews are responsible for technical operations "below deck."

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