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erik Z. Jul 12, 2019 157 views
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Jacob D. Jul 16, 2019 314 views

What are the different types of ships i work on if i become a shipping engineer?

I am currently in job corps and thinking about training to be a shipping engineer, but i have no clue what that entails and what type of ships i could work on. Do i need a better education/ degree to work on cruise ship sand yachts or would it be the same education level as working on a cargo...

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Alex M. Jul 16, 2019 187 views

What kinds of jobs/careers can I pursue with an architectural & engineering design degree?

As of the date that I have wrote this question, I have been at Job corps for a little over a week, and through the MYPACE program have learned that I would want to look into pursuing a career path towards architectural and engineering design. Because of this, I am wondering what kind of...

#design #architecture #engineering

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Matthew R. Sep 06, 2019 215 views

What educational preparation would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in this field?

I’m a senior at Brennan high school interested in biomedical engineering. Currently enrolled in robotics 2 and various science courses. #biomedical-engineering #engineering #biomedical #college #science...


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ethan L. Sep 06, 2019 167 views

what do you do on a day to day basis at work

I’m a senior at brennan high I want to be a chemical engineer and be young and successful and working by 25 in the field. #chemical #engineer...


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Nephi L. Sep 06, 2019 176 views

What are some tips for people starting out in the automotive industry?

I'm a young student trying to get into auto-body work....


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Diego A. Sep 09, 2019 145 views

What additional skills and strengths do I need for a career in mechanic?

Hi my name is Diego A. I'm a student at Glen Rose HS, I am a freshman. I'm interested in a career in mechanic. My skills include hard worker, communication. In my spare time I work. What additional skills would. I need?...


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Frank R. Sep 10, 2019 199 views

What animation software, terms, and techniques should i have knowledge of?

I only know a few animation terms and i wish to learn what i must know before applying to become an animator. #animation #video-games...


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carlos V. Sep 16, 2019 198 views

how does it feel to be a ceo of a big company

im funny chill i like math and video games and i want to be a ceo of a big video company #video games...