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How do people easily make computers?

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2 answers

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Omar’s Answer

Hi Benjamin, I think you're more than just a student, after reviewing your question it seems like you want to be a life hacker where to unlock all stuff around you.

I've done some internet search, found the best article relevant to your topic, just to know that making a computer is just about hardware stuff only:


hope I've found what you need. lemme know if you're looking for something else

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Kaitlin’s Answer

It really depends on the type and performance of the computer you want. Building a computer is very customizable and unique to the individual. A basic knowledge of how the components come together is helpful, but with the internet nowadays, you can find how-to guides. Most businesses or individuals build computers based on specific needs. If you would like specifics, I would gladly help you. I build a variety of computers everyday for work.