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Harbor Pilot Trainee & Maritime Instructor
Management Occupations - Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
Seattle, Washington
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Preston’s Avatar
Preston Jul 08, 2023 688 views

To become a officer or captain of a major cruise line, what is the best route through college or training to reach the experience needed for that job?

I am a young student that is looking to become a ship captain or engineer when I grow up, and I am wondering what the paths are that some people have taken.

Maxwell’s Avatar
Maxwell Jun 28, 2022 418 views

what do i need to know going into the maritime industry?

what is it like to work in the maritime industry? what are the daily duties ? what is the pay like? are there any promotions? what is the most important thing to know in the maritime industry?

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Jul 16, 2019 1207 views

What are the different types of ships i work on if i become a shipping engineer?

I am currently in job corps and thinking about training to be a shipping engineer, but i have no clue what that entails and what type of ships i could work on. Do i need a better education/ degree to work on cruise ship sand yachts or would it be the same education level as working on a cargo...

Ray’s Avatar
Ray Aug 13, 2019 559 views

What merchant marine jobs let you travel internationally?

#travel #career #ABSeaman #AncientAstronautTheoristSayYes

Ricardo’s Avatar
Ricardo Nov 05, 2019 418 views

where is it better to be a welder in the untied states

#travel i would love to travel the world if i am the best welder

Megha’s Avatar
Megha Apr 28, 2020 1207 views

I love to travel a lot. Other than jobs like pilot and flight attendant what other jobs are in flight that makes me to travel a lot

#travel #airline-industry #aviation

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Jan 03, 2018 709 views

What are the steps to become a captain of a cruise ship?

I always wondered about this career path. #captain #career #cruiseship #boating #transportation

Jewel’s Avatar
Jewel Aug 09, 2018 606 views

What was your journey to become the captain of a cruise ship?

#marine-transportation #nautical #captain #cruise #deckofficer #career #ship

Jewel’s Avatar
Jewel Aug 09, 2018 778 views

How is it like to attend a maritime academy?

I would like to know the environment and the subject you learn assuming your major is marine transportation. #maritime #marine #marine-transportation #navy #nautical

Ray’s Avatar
Ray Aug 13, 2019 454 views

What are the best jobs to get with an AB seaman certificate

#Ancient #Aliens

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jul 25, 2019 561 views

What kind of transportation jobs involve psychology?

I am currently pursuing my bachelors in psychology and am interested in research. However, I also am really interested in transportation (Amtrak, light rail networks, public transportation companies, etc.). What kinds of jobs in transportation might relate to these type of transportation...

Drake’s Avatar
Drake Aug 13, 2019 704 views

What is the average career span of an Able Bodied Seaman?

#boats #ships #Maritime