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What are some benefits of being a Game Warden?

I am in 6th grade and I would love to be a Game Warden but i want to be able to get enough money to get through life but I want to know if I will get any benefits that will help me through life like extra money or Christmas checks. I would like to be able to pay for a family if I get the chance to have one but i need to know if I will be able to do that if I am a Game Warden. I want to work for someone who will pay me fairly if I work for them. I want to retire at 40 or 50 I also need to know if i need another job other than just a Game Warden please reply. #police #fishing #game-warden #hunters #ranchhand

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2 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Mason,

Game wardens receive many of the benefits afforded workers in all industries, plus a few more that are slowly disappearing or costing large amounts in other workplaces. However, specifics vary by jurisdiction. They receive paid holidays, vacation time, sick leave and overtime allowances. The state may pay for part or all of health, dental and vision benefits for game wardens and their families. Most agencies pay for a college degree related to the profession, and assign the warden several pieces of equipment, including a 4x4 vehicle, watercraft, computer, phone, digital camera and global positioning system. After working for a specified period of time and then retiring from the profession, wardens receive a pension that may combine both government-granted and contributory income.

A big benefit for fish and game wardens is their salary. The best-paid 10 percent made more than $81,080 yearly, or $38.98 hourly. These wages were higher than the average annual $42,730, or $20.54 per hour more than the average wages for all workers, which ran $45,230 per year, or $21.74 per hour.

In: http://work.chron.com/benefits-fish-game-warden-17015.html

Good Luck!

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Kim’s Answer

Best of the Village

Hi Mason!

A Game Warden has a big responsibility in protecting and preserving our nation's wildlife. At least in Texas, there is a lot of competition for these positions, and most people start by being a police officer for another department before applying to, and being accepted, as a Game Warden.

Government jobs have many perks, compensation, and benefits that are not always available in private companies. A Texas Game Warden is a State of Texas employee. As such, he is entitled to a state retirement payment. There are various tax free or tax deferred savings programs. He will also get medical insurance, life insurance, and can buy at a good price other insurances. He gets holidays, but, because of the job, might have to work those holidays. If so, he can take them on some other day, or, be paid extra because he worked them. If you have a college education or a higher level of law enforcement certification, you might get paid more.

Overall, yes, you can support a family as a Game Warden. Many police officers work side jobs for extra money, not so much because they have to, but, because they have expensive hobbies (motorcycles, etc!) and they need extra money for these hobbies. Or, maybe because they want to send their kids to private school, or be able to pay for their college education, a big wedding, etc.

The secret to being financially successful is not always how big of a paycheck you get. It is learning to live within your means. You learn to distinguish between "wants" and "needs." You need dependable transportation. You want a Porsche. Every now and then you can spend a little on "wants," but be careful! Also, you will learn to save money, and make investments. You should really start working now to develop the habit of saving money. If you get an allowance, or receive money on special occasions, try to set aside 10% of the money each time you get it. So, if you get $5.00, you will save fifty cents. If you get $20, save $2.00....and just keep saving, and never spend it, and you will see how much it grows.

Since you want to be a game warden, which is a type of police officer, it is also very important to be able to pass a background check. When they investigate you, they will talk to your neighbors, teachers, and friends. They will want to know that you are a good person: you are honest, polite, don't do drugs, get good grades, etc. Be VERY careful about using social media. Don't put anything on-line that will make you look bad.

You will also need to pass a physical, so, it is important to stay in good shape. Get regular exercise, which includes stretching, cardio (running, etc) and strength training.

Also, a word about retiring at 40 or 50. Yes, you can do that. I retired from law enforcement with 25 years of service, at the age of 47. But now I have a new career, and will retire from it when I am 60. A retirement check is not nearly as big as a paycheck. So you will need to learn about savings and investments. People nowadays live to 80 or 90, so, retiring young is not easy to do. You will need to at least work part-time. A second career is exciting! You can take the knowledge and experience you acquired as a Game Warden and apply it to something else.

I hope this has been helpful. I wish you the best of luck!