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What are some math related careers?

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6 answers

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Gustavo’s Answer

Hi Angel! There are lots and lots of opportunities for people interested in math. First one is pretty straight forward and you can become a math teacher or tutor. If you are not interested in pursuing a teaching career, you can also look to go to a more broader field, like engineering, business administration, economics or even becoming a scientist.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is to understand if your interest in math is for the challenge of the problems or for the actual subject, but all careers have such challenges.

Hope I could help.
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Aaisha’s Answer

Hello angel B ,
Math have many different related careers like :
- Math teacher
- accounting
- business
- Engineering
Good luck in your future !
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Zulfa’s Answer

Hi, Mathematics are really wide, the career related to Maths are many in various industries, depends on the specialization. So if you are thinking of pursuing your college or degrees in Maths, generally I would say, being a teacher or professor is the easy example. But if you would like to explore more specialization in Maths, you can go for Statistics/Data Science or Actuarial Science. With these courses, we can go for a data analyst, data scientist, Actuary careers. And these careers exist in almost all kind of industries and companies, be it, IT, Medical, Banking and etc. Also, my friend who graduated in Maths, are now working at an Insurance Company, managing the data sales analysis. Some of them are working in a Hospital as a Medical Data Analyst, and some are working in Bank as an Actuary & data analyst. In IT industries, there will always a career for data science, as a data scientist.

Good luck for your future^^
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Marica’s Answer

Hi! I use my math skills in my insurance career everyday. However, insurance also involves critical thinking and evaluation of risk. It can be complex at times but it's very rewarding. There is a variety of professions within the insurance industry that involve mathematics from underwriting to analyst.
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M’s Answer

One of the biggest careers in Math is becoming a teacher. You could also be an analyst for a Fortune 500 company. Any career that uses data and analytics would be a great place to start. Good luck
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Steve’s Answer

Hello Angel B.
The good news is that you have plenty of time to decide what your career should be. Expect that you may change you mind several times. Certainly, everyone that responded has given great advice. Math is a general subject, so identifying what branch or branches of math interests you most is important. Based on whatever you specialize in, should narrow down your career objectives. Take the time you have to find what math you are passionate about;
Matrix Algebra - Engineer
Numerical Analysis - Data Analytics, Risk Assessment
Operations Research - Operational Research, Data mining
Complex Numbers - Engineer, Statistician, Physicist
Calculus - Economist, Computer Animation and Game Development
Set Theory - Architecture, Operations
Game Theory - Game design
Analysis - Forensics

As it was mentioned before, a rewarding career as a teacher or professor

Best of luck to you.