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Sandi Aug 12, 2022 601 views

Marine Biology Informational Interview

Hi my name is Sandi and I have another Informational Interview for Marine Biology, If anyone could take the time to answer a couple of questions. 1.)How does being a Marine Biologist affect you daily life? 2.)What's it like working with animals? 3.)What's your favorite part about being a...

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Angel Jun 01, 2021 811 views

What are some math related careers?

Question. #maths #math #mathematics #business-management #mathematician

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Nikki Feb 10, 2017 1188 views

Is teaching a good choice for me

I love teaching and leadership #teaching #music #leadership

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Trevion Aug 05, 2021 647 views

How do you buy a business?

#business #business-management

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Yokeshwaran Apr 26, 2016 902 views

Teacher career question

What is a maths teacher? what is a maths teacher useful? #college #professor #lecture

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Zainab Jun 13, 2021 909 views

What is algebra

/School #graduate-school