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Gulfport, Mississippi
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I want to be a Marine Biologist in Gulfport, MS at a company that studies, and helps not only the wildlife, but the ecosystem as well.

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Sandi Aug 12, 2022 616 views

Marine Biology Informational Interview

Hi my name is Sandi and I have another Informational Interview for Marine Biology, If anyone could take the time to answer a couple of questions. 1.)How does being a Marine Biologist affect you daily life? 2.)What's it like working with animals? 3.)What's your favorite part about being a...

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Sandi Aug 09, 2022 688 views

CNA Informational Interview

Hello, my name Sandi. I'm in the process of obtaining my CNA certification, and I was wondering if someone would take time to contact me to answer a few of my questions for my informational interview?