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charles’s Avatar
charles Aug 02, 2021 637 views

what are my first steps into lookf to play in the nba

i love playing sorts basketball or football im still in highschool #football #sports #basketball

Jaynon’s Avatar
Jaynon Jun 15, 2021 483 views

How is the greatest outfielder in baseball of all time ?

I’m a baseball player and I play outfield and I want to know who I should watch to get better at it. #sports #baseball

Rajat’s Avatar
Rajat Jun 09, 2021 1190 views

How To Make A Career In Cyber Security

How To Make A Career In Cyber Security . I Want To Go In The Field Of Cyber Security So What Should I Do After 12th. #cyber-security #information-technology #technology #career

Ambar’s Avatar
Ambar Jun 10, 2021 1504 views

What can I do as a high schoolers to help my progress of becoming an accountant in college?

I want to become an accountant. #accounting #business #finance

Italy’s Avatar
Italy Jun 02, 2021 562 views

If I don't get into the NFL, what are the chances of working for the NBA or the MLB?

If I can't get into the NFL, I would like to know what my other options are. #nfl #nba #baseball #training #athlete

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jun 01, 2021 793 views

What are some math related careers?

Question. #maths #math #mathematics #business-management #mathematician

Tyrese’s Avatar
Tyrese May 17, 2021 493 views

Does size matter when it comes to being a Firefighter?

#career-choice #career

Farrah’s Avatar
Farrah Mar 19, 2021 734 views

What is the best major for me if I’m interested in math and i’m so good at it

I am interested in logistics, business administration, computer science, and supply chain management #math #aerospace-engineering #business-management

Devon’s Avatar
Devon Jan 22, 2021 499 views

What are helpful ways to manage my time with school and sports going on at the same time?

I have a busy schedule everyday with school and basketball going on so it is hard to have time for other things at the en of the day. #school #sports

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 06, 2021 556 views

What would a good entry level in Information Technology be?

I'm a senior in high school. I'm trying to decide on the best career path for me. #technology #career-path

diabe’s Avatar
diabe Nov 13, 2020 470 views

how can i make it to the soccer club.

am a hard working man, and also, i wont get tire of playing sport. #athlete #professional-sports #sports

michael’s Avatar
michael May 15, 2020 1111 views

how do i get noticed by colleges for soccer

#soccer #premier #athletics #sports

Lucky’s Avatar
Lucky May 05, 2021 432 views

Can I get any job


Rashad’s Avatar
Rashad Mar 01, 2021 498 views

How much do an avg gym teacher make?

#outgoing #smart #sports

Wanita’s Avatar
Wanita Apr 19, 2017 2074 views

In terms of building a resume, what are effective ways to keep it concise?

I heard about the "six second rule" but it's difficult to shorten my resume without feeling like I'm leaving out vital information. #job-search #resume #interviews #resume-writing #job-application