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how can i make it to the soccer club.

am a hard working man, and also, i wont get tire of playing sport. #athlete #professional-sports #sports

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2 answers

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Hassan’s Answer

I'm assuming that you're asking about playing professionally in the MLS.

I'd start by playing at your school and/or local soccer club. I'd then try to get scholarship and/or try out to play in college. A college degree is a great backup plan if you don't make it to the Pros.

According to https://exactsports.com/blog/how-many-college-soccer-players-go-pro/2020/01/28/ less than 1% of college and only 0.03% High School players make it to MLS.

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Zach’s Answer

Practice as much as you possibly can (while still getting your studies done!). Take advantage of the internet to learn new skills and practice, practice, practice!

Record yourself on video and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.