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What is the thing that gets you the most motivated before you go to work?#engineering

I am a Junior in high school and I am thinking about becoming either a civil, nautical, or mechanical engineer. professionals maths technology high-school

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8 answers

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John’s Answer

Knowing that I get to solve problems, design and build and test new products. Work with a team to complete projects.
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Peregrin’s Answer

Solving problems, the bigger the better. I have worked in the technology field, now in a product development role, also have worked as a process engineer... didn't matter. I wanted to be the person who was brought in to solve the problem.

Best of luck!
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Michela’s Answer

I wake up - get myself ready and then I relax for 15 minutes before I start work! Everyone will have different answers because its up to you what you like to do! If something doesn't work for you then you change it! Everything will fall into place! Some people rush in the morning and I am not that type of person! I don't like to be late either. Good luck!
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Dane’s Answer

I am not in engineering but what I do know is that motivation is a universal trait that allows you to earn what you desire. It's also important to note that motivation is an up and down phenomena that is driven by our daily habits.

I am motivated to go to work because I love the work I do. I know everyday that the work I do makes an impact in communities all around the world. Your motivation may be a little different depending on your occupation but I am motivated everyday by the people I work with.

Find the fruits of your labor and focus on that. That's enough for me to gain motivation to go to work!
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Leland’s Answer

My motivation stems from being able to continue to work on new projects. For me, the continual growth and challenge from working on new processes is rewarding, and provides me with the most motivation.

I also enjoy what I do, which helps a lot. I know part of the work that I accomplish provides benefits for others, which keeps me motivated.

I am also motivated from a teamwork aspect. When you work with a team, not only can you learn from each other, but the team is depending on you to show up and contribute, which provides motivation. As I am newer to the workforce than some others at my company, I get the opportunity to learn from their experience and become a more well-rounded employee.

There's also always motivation for being financially secure, as it allows you to enjoy your passions and hobbies outside of work.
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Ritu’s Answer

To be able to work with a team of talented people who like to learn, discover new functionalities and solve problems.
It sets you up for professional success, productivity and gives financial security.
It also provides you immense satisfaction to see how you what you have created or improved is utilized by the rest of the world.

Thank you! Benjamin W.

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Lucie’s Answer

What a fantastic question!
Motivation is key to a successful career and there will be days with and without!
For me to make sure I am focused and ready to seize the day, I take a long walk outside. I usually listen to a podcast, and walk in a park. When I come back, I am awake, focused and ready to roll. (I found this critical during COVID!)

Motivations come from anywhere and everywhere: The people you work with, the ones you love, exercising, reading, meditating, etc. Look for the positive energy around you and capture as much of it as you can.

Hope this helps,
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Jay’s Answer


Everyone is going to have a different answer, but for me, the biggest motivator is being able to help others. Whether it is helping my team unblock a problem, helping a customer get through an issue, or being part of a larger group to deliver something that others find useful, it is an awesome driver to help keep me motivated.

Best of luck