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what i do for become a pilot

maths is my subject in college so what i do for become a pilot

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4 answers

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Shady’s Answer

First: Be healthy
Second: Save money
Third: Choose a sustainable academy for aviation
Fourth: Knowledge of math & physics
Fifth: Don't Give up
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Kinnari’s Answer

You need to have below eligibility criteria to become a pilot:

1.You have to complete your 12th/ equivalent examination.
2.You have to secure 50% marks in class 12th & equivalent.
3.You need to have Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics in class 12th.
4.The maximum age limit is required 17 years.

Also below skills are required to become a pilot:

Good IQ and Problem solving skills
Physically Fit
Decision Making Skills
Good Eyesight
Good Communication Skills
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Amir’s Answer

Hi Kinnari,

Not sure with requirements in India, but of course being physically fit and have good math , physics skills. But most important, as an advice, obtain a university degree first, specially that the aviation sector is not doing well now and not sure when will it recover. Moreover, you have to sit for physical fitness exam every 6-12 months, and they will take the license from you if you failed it.
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Brittany’s Answer

Hi! I'm not as familiar with India's requirements for a CPL as I am with the US; however, there are similarities in medical, education, flight hour and theory instruction. I've included links to India based articles that specifically target the requirements there. Hope this helps!


Commercial Pilot: Courses & Eligibility
Given below are the details regarding the courses and the eligibility criteria for becoming a Commercial Pilot in India.

In India, if one aspires to become a Commercial Pilot, he must have a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the authority which gives CPL:
- Candidates who aspire to become a Commercial Pilot must have passed +2.
- Join in a pilot training course in a DGCA-approved institution.
- Candidates who want to join in DGCA-approved institutes need to clear a written test.
- Candidates must be medically fit as per DGCA Class I medical assessment rules.
- Candidates must complete 200 hours of flying.
- Passing theory paper is also mandatory to apply for CPL.