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Architecture and Engineering Occupations
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Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew May 27, 2016 1782 views

what are some of the best universities for mechanical engineering?

my interest in my major has shifted and I would like to get a grasp for what the best colleges that produce some of the highest number of eployed graduates in their field of study are. I am beginning research and would like outside opinions as well. #engineering #mechanical-engineer

Davina’s Avatar
Davina Apr 07, 2016 7504 views

What is an mechanical engineer and what subjects are needed for this career

I am thing about a second career goal and engineering is something i would like to do #engineering #mechanical-engineer

dilip’s Avatar
dilip May 12, 2016 1003 views

i want to become a mechanical engineer, what are the process should i follow?

i have completed 10th , i am interested in mechanical field #engineering #mechanical-engineer

Lam’s Avatar
Lam Oct 28, 2016 715 views

Which applications or programs should I be proficient in using to succeed in engineering?

I want to be prepared. #engineering

priynashu’s Avatar
priynashu Mar 23, 2021 437 views

what i do for become a pilot

#maths is my subject in college so what i do for become a pilot

James’s Avatar
James Aug 09, 2019 1341 views

How stressful is Mechanical Engineering?

Hi I am James Borja from the Hawaii job Corp in Waimanalo. I am reaching out to you because I'm really interested in the auto mechanic trade. I really believe I fit this career and would love to pursue it,but i would like to know more, and if you can find the time to let me know what there is...

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Jan 18, 2020 1158 views

How much math is really involved in engineering?

I suck at math but all I can imagine myself doing is being an engineer. I want to do enviornmental (which is like civil) #engineering engineering

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Oct 27, 2016 614 views

What reinforcements are used in the process of prestressing?

I've always been interested on knowing what reinforcements are used #engineering