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my ambition is to become a softwear engineer . but i am poor in maths . what are my steps towards it

i want to complete my ambition with out any hurdles maths

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4 answers

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Wael’s Answer

You need to become better in math. Math is one of the pillars of engineering. You are going to rely on it heavily in your work as a software engineer. If I were you, I would look for help from my friend and teacher.

You don't need to be good in Maths for becoming a software engineer. You just need a good logical thinking. Most of the languages are based on same logic but differ in syntax. Don't met Maths to be a blocking factor to become a software engineer. Varundeep Singh

Math has a role in computer programing. But you do not have to be an expert in math to be a successful programmer. I personally am not an expert at math, but I am a successful programmer (people pay me to write code!). Most of the math you will need is around logic. If you want to get a Computer Science degree from a 4 year college you will probably need to take a lot of math. But you could choose to go to a programming bootcamp, where you will dive right into learning programming. My advice is don't wait. Start learning a programming language now. There are many resources online you can use. is just one of many. Good luck! Gabe O'Brien

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Geetha’s Answer

If you are solving a sum, understand the logic behind it, which makes you genius. for every job, think logically, so that it will be easy for you.

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Ashish’s Answer

Maths is the building block for any engineering unit and significantly important for coding environment where you've to improve the runtime and use better arithmetic and algorithm. I hope you're not following to be a software engineer just because it sounds cool and you hear it quite often. If you're aiming to be a software engineer for not research or very professional and competitive environment (probably like college degree) but for the fun of it, you can pretty much sail through the coding part of the software engineer as long as your approach to problems are analytical and logical but if you're delving into research or moving to college, I would recommend you to start prepping up algebra, arithmetic (especially number theory) part of Maths and that should be enough. You will start appreciating the maths and it's day to day use in software industry once you get first hand experience of the same. I would recommend start coding for fun on platforms like codechef, topcoder, hackerrank, codingame etc. Few more similar sites below:

Few links to start with maths in coding:

Wish you all the best in your endeavour!

Ashish recommends the following next steps:

Start learning a coding program, my recommendation Python.
Start coding on online code competition platform, their level varies from beginner to experts, choose as per your interest and grow
With new found interest in Maths (probably), grow in maths and experiment in maths as well as coding.
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Simeon’s Answer

First of all, you may think that you are bad at math by comparing yourself to your peers, but you just need to be good enough at math to get through your coursework. Once you graduate and are in a career, you'll be doing a lot of you calculations using computers and software. In the meantime, identify tutoring resources and work with other students and your teachers to improve your math skills. If you are worried, you can ask for optional homework from your teachers, not taken for a grade, but just as more work to refine your math.