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My ambition is to become a mechanical engineer, but i am not good at math. What are my steps towards achieving my goal regardless?

i want to complete my ambition without any hurdles maths

Hi there J.S. When you say you want to achieve your goal without any hurdles, what exactly do you mean? Do you mean to ask that you'd like to improve at math the quickest way possible? Clarifying your question will definitely help us find a professional to answer it! Thank you again for your contribution to CareerVillage. Have an awesome day! -David David Ohta COACH

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4 answers

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Wael’s Answer

Engineering is highly dependent on math. You need to work harder maybe try a different teacher.

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Geetha’s Answer

Few people are strong in maths and few people are not. The things is you have to understand the logic, which will make everyone to be strong in maths. You thing about the logic on the sum continuously. you will be a genius :)

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Simeon’s Answer

First of all, you may think that you are bad at math by comparing yourself to your peers, but you just need to be good enough at math to get through your coursework. Once you graduate and are in a career, you'll be doing a lot of you calculations using computers and software. In the meantime, identify tutoring resources and work with other students and your teachers to improve your math skills. If you are worried, you can ask for optional homework from your teachers, not taken for a grade, but just as more work to refine your math.
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Rajeshware’s Answer

Hi JS, Maths is a subject which needs continuous practice and understanding the logic. Breakdown the problem statement and try to solve it rigorously. All the best.