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Will there be ups and downs throughout college?

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5 answers

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Anthony’s Answer

Hi Deandre,

The short answer is: yes, absolutely.

Think of it this way: life has its ups and downs, too. And life will continue to move along while you are attending college.

You will find you have strengths you never knew you had, and that will feel wonderful! You will also encounter challenges you have never had to face before, and sometimes they can feel overwhelming. If you are attending school in another state, this may be the first time you are living out on your own, which can feel freeing and validating; or, perhaps the new responsibilities that come with living alone can feel burdensome and uncertain. You will certainly have projects that you maybe procrastinated on too long. You will earn achievements. You will make new friends.

And then you will encounter finals week for the first time... :)

There will certainly be times in college when you feel on top of the world, and perhaps other times (not too many, though!) when you just want to stay under the covers in bed all day. Both are natural, both are normal. My only advice I can offer here is to simply give yourself the space to experience them both.
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Amy’s Answer

College is an exciting time, so it's normal to wonder whether that excitement and joy of new experiences will continue. Regardless of your life experience, there will be ups and downs in all that you do. College is no different. During trying times at college, remind yourself that you have the strength to get through the downs because the ups are always right around the corner. During those amazing periods of college when you are making lifelong friendships and memories, cherish those moments and commit them to memory. This will allow you to look forward to the more joyful experiences when life takes its inevitable downward turns. The value of each type of experience, ups, and downs, is immeasurable in the sense that you need both in order to really appreciate what life has to offer. Get out there and enjoy the successes and failures of life because they all work together to make you the amazing person you are destined to be!
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Matt’s Answer

Hi Deandre. No question there will be ups and downs. Just know everyone is going through the same experiences as you. It is okay to fail, just make sure you learn from that experience and ask yourself what would you do differently if you had to do it again. Also, don't be afraid to reach out to others for help. Best wishes.
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Aaisha’s Answer

of course there is , but be sure that you will always learn from your mistakes and you will be better with time .. There is no success without ups and downs .
wish you a good luck I know you will have a bright future !!
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Peregrin’s Answer

As others have noted, life has ups and downs, college life is no exception.

In fact, college is one of the best times to experience the ups and downs, as you are in a place where you are meant to learn, not just academics, but life skills. Whether that is how to deal with a roommate you don't exactly match well to, or how to deal with a professor who is a really tough grader. It is not something to worry about, but something to embrace, because as much as there will be some new lows and some more stressful situations, as you develop and learn and adapt, you will also have some of the greatest high points of your life.

Treasure the opportunity!