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Ravi ’s Avatar
Ravi Jun 23, 2016 1005 views

Is a good height mandatory to become an athelete?

I am an aspiring Cricketer and want to know about the physical fitness of Atheletes #sports #athletic-training #athletics #fitness #physical-fitness #exercise-physiology

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica May 16, 2016 893 views

Sports in high school

I play sotfball, should I focus on nursing in high school instead? #sports #softball

Aisha’s Avatar
Aisha Oct 21, 2012 1560 views

Are you just a natural sports or can you work at it.

I am a sophomore in high school. #sports

Tre’s Avatar
Tre May 13, 2016 1142 views

What is the best college to attend to play football.

When i grow up I want to be a professional football player. I also want to go to school when I grow up but Im not sure what for yet. #sports #football #coaching-football

Ricardo’s Avatar
Ricardo May 24, 2016 856 views

After 4 years of playing college football and you want to go to the pros what do you do

I play sport and this is one of my goals and dreams #sports #football #sport #ncaa

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 29 295 views

What are my chances of getting a sports scholarship?

For track and field, Cross country running, Nordic ski, Soccer, and football(Never played, but want to play).

Jeff’s Avatar
Jeff Mar 26, 2014 2066 views

If you join a college sport, how does it affect your schedule?

For example, if I join my college's soccer team, how does that affect my schedule? #college #sports #soccer #schedule #college-sports

Kessia’s Avatar
Kessia Jul 03, 2023 1630 views

Why do people like to watch sports?

Is it to have fun or yell at people on the opposite team?

christopher’s Avatar
christopher Oct 25, 2017 1148 views

Do we need to go to college?

because some basketball players did not #basketball #sports #athletics

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Feb 27 272 views

How responsible would I have to be to have a job in sports?

A job is sports like an announcer or a coach or reporter

Cierra’s Avatar
Cierra Jul 10, 2023 324 views

Is their required classes to play in the NCAA?

College sports

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Mar 14, 2023 479 views

At what age is the best time to start working?

I am a 7th grader that want to work in construction, be a pro soccer player or wrestler or be a baker.

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Feb 27 450 views

How funny do I have to be as an announcer?

I would like to be an announcer for sports like baseball basketball or football.

Abdel’s Avatar
Abdel Jul 21, 2021 656 views

what does succeed means?

I love sports and Mathematics. #sports #math

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Jun 17, 2022 1294 views

Is it too late to start football?

Im 17 ad I just finished my junior year. Is it too late for me to start playing football and take this into college?