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Is it easy to get a job within your college?

Asked Sacramento, California

For example, I love sports, so I was wondering if it was easy to get a job within the Athletic Department of my University? #college #jobs #sports #college-jobs #athletics

5 answers

Geoffrey’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Hi Jeff,

While I didn't work for the Athletics Department at my college, I did have a 'work study' job (a few of them in fact)..many students do...and know that a few of my friends found campus jobs in the Athletics Department.

Be sure to reach out to the Athletics Department early in your first semester to ask about job opportunities, I'm sure they've have postings for the various jobs you can apply for, be it helping out with a specific team, or in the Athletic Department's office, in the gym, etc.

Hope that helps...good luck to you!



Thanks Geoff! I'm glad colleges have a lot of jobs for current students. This definitely helped me.

Mary ’s Answer

Updated Little Elm, Texas

Hi Jeff,

All is possible but start looking at the job posting on campus or network with the coaches. Another thing you could do is start volunteer work for the coaches at the upcoming games.

Or you could apply for a job in the cafeteria. My first year in college I worked in the cafeteria as a cashier I met all the staffs in campus. The cafeteria always need help you can start there.

Good luck

Vanja’s Answer

Updated London, Ontario, Canada

Hi Jeff,

Geoffrey already did really well on answering your question, but I thought I might further confirm his suggestions and perhaps provide some new ones.

I think it is very important to be proactive. Do not wait for opportunities to simply appear, but instead seek them. Definitely start early! I went to speak to supervisors in different labs directly as opposed to emailing or talking over the phone. This really makes a difference. They have a better impression of you this way. A lot of students who were interested in working in a lab applied to a program in which you competed for grants, which would acts as a means of funding & increase the chances of a supervisor's ability to accept you to work for them. I did not receive a grant, however, I ventured off and thought I would contact other supervisors that were not a listed as participants in the program and thought there may be supervisors who are able to fund students themselves, besides the fact of whether they had received a grant or not. This is just an example. I am aware that you are interested in working within the Athletic Department, but I am sure these ideas presented here are transferable.

If after applying you don't receive the position you were hoping for at least you have your foot in the door. You will be much more likely to get the position you wanted originally perhaps the following year. Having experience is key!

Definitely acquire more information about work studies. There were a variety of options at my University appealing to a diverse group of backgrounds.

Hope this helps :)

Okay, thank you Vanja! I didn't know there was a program where you could apply to grants within your college, but now I do! Thanks so much!

Ursula’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge, Virginia

Hi Jeff,

There are definitely jobs available for students while going to school.

1) Check the jobs board at college you are attending. There's usually a number of them listed there.
2) If there is a particular department you are interested in, talk to the director and let them know what you can do. You may have to start off with occasional jobs but it could eventually develop into a regular part-time job. 3) Sometimes job openings are spread by word of mouth by fellow students who are leaving and want to find a replacement. Get the details and don't wait too long to respond. These jobs usually get filled quickly.

Good luck to you.

Nora’s Answer

Updated Sunnyvale, California

i do think it depends on the college and their approach to offering on campus jobs to students. Also if you are on financial aid sometimes the college will give first priority to those who need jobs as part of their work study/financial aid program. But I agree that you should be aggressive and don't be afraid to express interest in those jobs you are interested in.

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