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Can I make money through college internships in hospitals and through residencies?

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Ann’s Answer

Hi Alexis,

You can absolutely get paid during an internship. There are many that are unpaid, but there are also many that are. I went to college for Marketing and was paid during my internship. If you come across an internship that asks you to pay to apply don't go for it. That's most likely a scam.

If you decide to go to medical school and complete a residency, then you will get paid for your work at the hospital. It will not be nearly as much as you would once you completed your program and went into practice.

Good luck!

Ann recommends the following next steps:

Google professions you are interested in.
Choose your top 3 fields of interest and search for internships on indeed.com or monster.com to see if you can find internships in your area that pay.