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What classes do i need to take for nursing ?

Im interested in nursing and want to know what to expect. #nursing #university #hospitals #texas #america #dallas

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Hi! Depending on the school you go to, the actual nursing classes might be a little different. I went to a Community College & our nursing program consisted of 4 semesters & the pretty much everything nursing related were in the Nursing core classes. What you should expect, however, are the pre-requisites or the co-requisites which does not usually change.

There's at least 1 college level math; science classes with a lab which could includes Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Microbiology; a Humanities class of your choosing; Sociology; Statistics for BSN prepared nurses; English I & II; a computer class. But like I said, it depends on which program/school you'll get into but I find that my friends/co-workers & I have taken these classes regardless of which schools we went to.

Good luck!

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