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Career Questions tagged Botany

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Haley Nov 02, 2022 149 views

Plant pathology?

I'm interested in plant pathology, what degree in college should I look into?

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Haley Oct 26, 2022 356 views

How do I know if I want to do Botany for college and my career?

How do I know if I want to do Botany for college and my career?

Anwesha’s Avatar
Anwesha Mar 08, 2020 355 views

can i get a job in wildlife sector with a Bachelors Degree in Botany but with no experience as i am in my final year of school?

I am pursuing BSc in Botany hons. #biology from Lady Brabourne College affiliated to Calcutta University. I am Looking for a #job abroad where they recruit freshers since I have no job experience so far. But I am willing to Train under them and promise to learn the skills sincerely and...

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Nicole Nov 20, 2019 472 views

What are they different types of Botany?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm thinking about going to college to be a Botanist. #Botany

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Joy Jul 30, 2018 385 views

Are there natural remedies for most diseases and ailments?

I want to become a medicinal chemist; however, I would like to create medicines through plants. Thus, I would like to know if anyone has discovered any plants that have healing properties. #scientist #medicine #botany

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Angel Jul 01, 2016 836 views

How do i become a medical marijuana doctor

i'm a sophomore in high school. i want more information about legally growing and smoking marijuana. #education #botany #farmer

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Lauren May 19, 2016 811 views

As an environmental science major, what can I do to develop a hybrid rosewood tree that is fast growing with dense wood and possibly drought resistant?

This type of wood is used to make marimbas of the highest quality and is becoming more limited. #science #biology #technology #genetics #botany #molecular-biology #higher-education

Levi’s Avatar
Levi May 15, 2016 1072 views

What are some things you could do with a Master's in Botany?

Having loved plant life all of my life, I thought that I might be able to make myself a career out of it. So I was wondering what exactly could I do with a master's in Botany? What types of careers are available? What would the daily life include? Would I need to stay in this nation, or would...

Darlyn’s Avatar
Darlyn May 04, 2015 805 views

Can you combine Botany and Medicine?

I am a senior in high school and was curious to know if a career existed that combined medicine and botany? I am very interested in both and am wondering to what certain extent do they "mix". #medicine #biology #botany