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What are the chances for a student abroad to get accepted to a Summer Undergraduate Research program?

I'm a US citizen studying abroad. I am studying biology, junior. I applied to programs in the states to do a summer program there and hopefully get the chance to so I can learn new research techniques, preparation for seminars, etc.. Thank you biology researcher

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2 answers

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Allan’s Answer

I agree with Caitlyn. Most organizations now work virtually. Besides Skype, the people who are searching for an intern may use other business videoconferencing programs like Webex or Google Chat. They will let you know. Chances are they will send a link in an email or calendar invitation. You may be able to run it through your browser, but in some cases the invitation will include a link for downloading the program. I suggest you test the link in advance, to avoid last minute problems. Dress as if it were an in-person interview.
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Caitlin’s Answer

Hi, the fact that you are currently abroad should not hurt your chances at a summer internship. In fact it should show you have an interesting/eye catching resume. Interviews can now happen over Skype, and often do before a person is called in for a face-to-face. I hope you get the internship you wanted.

Caitlin recommends the following next steps:

Establish a Skype if you dont already have one
IF you have let the employer know you are abroad, tell them in the application you have Skype accessability